Featured Series

During the Holiday Season we did a weekly Feature of Bruce’s one of a kind wood sculptures available at BFC Studio Gallery.


These are still available at the following links: 

Bruce Fransen Creations Studio Gallery offers a wide variety of sculptures and is available by appointment.
“Monumental Series” December 19-31, 2020
“Color Series” December 12-18, 2020
“Swimmer Series” December 5-11, 2020
“Pedestal Series” November 28-December 4, 2020
We also invite you to view 2 VideosInspiration from the Woodpile and/or An Interview with Mike Baker, at National Arts
Video featuring the Colony Series
One of a Kind Wood Sculptures completed in 2020 as posted during Over the Mountain Studio Tour weekend:
2020 January and February 
2020 March and April
2020 May and June
2020 July
2020 August and September
2020 October and November